Countdown to Convention



This convention hopes to encourage all Muslims to keep true to his and her faith and at the same time contribute to building a harmonious American society by focusing on the message from the Quran.  It is with great pleasure that we invite you to 2015 MUNA Co...

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Youth Conference

We live in a time that tests the state of our imaan constantly. When we look for solutions to the problems of our hearts in worldly things, we drown in disappointment. The solution to our problems and the road to success lie in the purification of the soul; and the...

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Children's Program

Attractive programs will be arranged for the children. Children’s program will be provided for the registered children at the 2015 MUNA Convention from August 8 - 9, 2015 in Hofstra University Student Center.  Program Highlights includes Children Talent...

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Health Clinic

Check the status of your health from expert physicians with unique specialties. Your health is a trust from the Creator and ensuring your physical well-being is a right that your body has over you. Services include basic checkup, blood pressure measurement, diagnos...

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Legal Clinic

Legal clinic is a place where one can obtain legal advice and assistance. Negative press about Muslims have created an uneasy and, at times, hostile environment for law-abiding American Muslims who contribute to the growth and success of this country. The challenge...

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Bazaar (Trade Show)

We believe that economic activity is vital for the development of any community. Not surprisingly, one of the main events in the Convention is the “MUNA Bazaar (Trade Show)”. More than 100 vendors and businesses participate in the MUNA Bazaar. ...

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Youth Programs

Investing in the youth is biggest investment one can make. Our youth wings, MUNA Youth and Youngs Sisters of MUNA, are working tirelessly to ensure that our children grow up to be God-consciousness and upright individuals and live their lives in the footsteps of Mu...

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Iqbal Hussain Jibon  is a well known  Muslim singer, song writer, and music producer of Bangladeshi origin. Iqbal Hussain  is very active in Muslim activities and has staged many shows in collaboration with many social organizations. He is an ex...

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Children’s rides by CamAli

During the convention, keep your children engaged and occupied with fun activities provided by CamAli-- Kids Ride . There will be different types of rides available for the kids throughout the days-- Saturday and Sunday. ...

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